Song Joong Ki got paid 300 million won for each “Reborn Rich” episode? “He earned 9.2 billion won in profits over the past two years”

The appearance fee of actor Song Joong Ki was revealed on “Free Doctor”.

tvN’s program “Free Doctor” broadcast on February 6th talked about Song Joong Ki’s plans for his activities after getting married.

The cast said, “Song Joong Ki will leave for Hungary in mid-February for the filming of the movie ‘Ro Ki Wan’. Although he will be apart from his wife for a while, the actor is expected to enjoy a happy newlywed life while carrying out active activities.”

Song Joong Ki

Regarding Song Joong Ki’s appearance fee, they said, “When Song Joong Ki acted in the 2021 drama ‘Vincenzo’, he received 200 million won per episode. For ‘Reborn Rich’, he got paid 300 million won +α per episode and his appearance fee will continue to rise in the next works. The amount of profits Song Joong Ki earned over the past two years is estimated to be about 9.2 billion won”, drawing attention.

Song Joong Ki

Lastly, they added, “After the success of ‘Descendants of the Sun’, Song Joong Ki became a top star and he has gained a huge fandom in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia, etc. Immediately after his remarriage news was reported in Korea, CNN in the U.S. and many media outlets in Asian countries highlighted it in their articles, proving Song Joong Ki’s extraordinary influence.”

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki announced the news of his remarriage with Katy Louise Saunders and her pregnancy at the same time through his fancafe on the 30th of last month.

Source: nate

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