The way to distinguish Koreans using tissue revealed by a foreign Youtuber is gaining explosive reactions from Korean netizens

Netizens recently brought up a video by French Youtuber Fabien about the characteristics of Koreans.

What comes to your mind if you are asked about the most popular characteristic of Korean people? It’s easy to find various answers, such as the way Koreans always do things fast or their love for garlic. 

However, the method to recognize Koreans using tissues pointed out in a content video uploaded on the Youtube channel ‘Fabien Yoon’ in the past is arousing keen attention from Korean netizens.


At that time, Fabien did a simple test that only Koreans could pass with his friend Ilya, who had become a naturalized Korean citizen.

Fabien asked Ilya, who was holding a box of tissues, “Please give me a tissue”. Ilya then pulled out a tissue and gave it to Fabien.


However, that answer was not correct. The two reversed their role and performed the situation again. This time, Fabien naturally pulled out two sheets of tissue before handing them over to Ilya. 

The video cut of this scene spread in online communities and many people agreed that Korean people tend to take out two sheets of tissues at restaurants or even at home as a habit. 

Netizens commented, “I laughed so hard when watching this scene”, “It’s quite unfriendly to give only one sheet of tissue”, “If you’re a Korean, you must be like that”, etc.

Source: insight

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