3 weekend K-dramas with outstanding viewership ratings in November 2022

These 3 K-dramas are considered the most interesting ones that are airing on the weekends in Korea.

Series that air on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, or weekend K-dramas, are generally targeted towards a family audience, and so attracted overwhelming attention. At the moment, 3 K-dramas are being aired during the weekend, and showing huge successes with high viewership ratings.

  1. “Reborn Rich”
The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate

There’s simply no denying the popularity of “Reborn Rich”, which surpassed 10% in terms of viewership within just 3 episodes, and is showing an upward trend. With ratings as high as 13% (in Seoul), “Reborn Rich” may be able to “resurrect” JTBC after years of decline.

song joong ki The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate thumbnail

This revenge K-drama revolves around a secretary played by Song Joong Ki, who was betrayed and killed. He was then reborn into the past as the youngest son of the Sunyang family, and laid out a thrilling plan of revenge. So far, “Reborn Rich” is receiving a lot of praise due to its thrilling atmosphere and excellent acting.

  1. “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”
The Queens Umbrella

If “Reborn Rich” is only starting its course, “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” is coming to a conclusion with only a few episodes left. The K-drama is so far considered as one of the greatest historical series in Korea, with acting, scriptwriting, and even clothings being outstanding.

Under The Queen’s Umbrella

The series depicts the life of Queen Im Hwa Ryeong (played by Kim Hye Soo), who had headaches over her trouble-prone sons and the fierce battle for the throne inside the palace. By episode 12, “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” has reached a new viewership peak of 13.4%.

  1. “Three Bold Siblings”
Three Bold Siblings thumbnail

Being aired on KBS during the “golden time slot”, “Three Bold Siblings” constantly achieve ratings above 20%, despite having neither intense promotion nor popular faces. So far, as of episode 18, the K-drama has boasted peak viewership of 22.2%

“Three Bold Siblings” follows the lives of three siblings and covers everyday conflicts inside a family. With its relatable stories, many audiences, especially those with families, would tune in every weekend to get a short but sweet time.

Three Bold Siblings

The star of this show is Kim Tae Joo (Lee Han Na), the eldest daughter in the family, who is kind yet has a temper. However, her life changed its course after a reunion with her first love Lee Sang Joon (Lim Ju Hwan).

Source: k14

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