“They are on another level” BTS’s glorious career with nearly 150 music awards 

BTS has achieved 66 major awards domestically and 68 awards in the US.

BTS is without doubt the most successful K-pop group in the entertainment industry today. To reach this position, BTS has come a long way.

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Debuting in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment, a small agency, BTS took their first steps to receive the public’s attention at the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards by being nominated for Best Dance Performance. Since then, BTS has begun to sweep award ceremonies and take home countless big awards. 

The first Daesang BTS received was in 2016, the Album of the Year award at the Melon Music Awards. In the same year, BTS also won the Artist of the Year award at MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards).

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In Korea, Daesang is the biggest award an artist can receive and the most important award of the year. Daesang is considered the highest achievement of an artist in Korea. Up to now, BTS has won 66 Daesangs, a number that no other artists can reach. This record is unlikely to be broken in the future.

Not just in Korea, BTS also succeeds in the international market. Their impact in North America is no joke. From a group under a small company, BTS has worked their way to the top and become one of the biggest artists in the world today.

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In just a few years, the group has brought home 68 awards in the US, including categories at major awards ceremonies such as Billboard Music Awards (12 awards), MTV AMAs (12 awards), MTV VMAs (10 awards)… In addition, BTS was also nominated at the Grammys. Although not yet received a Grammy, being nominated 5 times for 2 years in a row is already impressive and unprecedented for a K-pop idol.

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These achievements of BTS not only make fans proud but also stun people around the world. Korean netizens left comments, “They can really build a pillar with the trophies they’ve won”, “Truly the king of K-pop”, “BTS is on another level. No one can come close to them”, etc.

Source: K14

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