Jungkook (BTS) welcomes a glorious 25: 3 Grammy nomination, made history at World Cup 2022 and more! 

Jungkook’s (BTS) hallmark of success at 25 amazed online communities of how far the idol has come. 

With 9 years of experience under his belt, Jungkook is having a successful 25 with many landmarks across his career. Going from zero to hero, Korean netizens sometimes fondly call him the idol with the “Midas Touch”. 

16 – 18 years old: successful debut  with rookie awards and music show wins 

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Jungkook debuted with BTS in 2013 under BigHit Entertainment (now HYBE) that charmed with a powerful music style and quickly gained the public attention. Their debut song, “No More Dream” took hold of the Internet at a fast pace. 

In the same year, BTS won the ‘New Artist of the Year’ at the “Melon Music Awards”, showing the group’s bright potential ahead of them. 

bts rookie mma
BTS won the ‘New Artist of the Year’ when Jungkook was a 16-year-old 

On May 5th, 2015, they won their first music program cup at “The Show” with their track “I Need You”, a breakthrough for the group that left them speechless. The win also brought more recognition to the group. 

bts i need u
BTS had their first win at a music program when Jungkook was 18 years old 

First ‘Daesang’ at 19 years old

In 2016, BTS’ album “Wings” exploded into a sensation with more than 500 thousand copies in pre-orders, setting a new record for the Gaon Chart at the moment of release. The achievement brought the  Daesang (‘Album of the Year’) award at Melon Music Awards. 

bts 2016 daesang
BTS has their first Daesang when Jungkook was 19 

Winning the “Billboard Music Awards” at 20 years old, breaking the stage at the “American Music Awards” 

BTS won their first proud achievement with the ‘Top Social Artists” at the prestigious “Billboard Music Awards”, overcoming popular nominees including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Shawn Mendes. BTS became the first K-pop group and the second Kpop artist after PSY to have a win at “Billboard Music Awards”. 

bts ama 2017
BTS after the award 

In the same year, BTS made another breakthrough with their performance at the “American Music Awards 2017”, when not many K-pop groups had the chance to appear on a world-scale event. 

bts, amas, 2017
BTS with an explosive performance at the AMAs 2017 

Top 1 Billboard 200 at 21 years old, the youngest person in history to receive the  “Order of Cultural Merit” Medal 

Extending on their domestic success, 21-year-old Jungkook with BTS reached out to the world with “Love Yourself: Tear” with the No.1 Billboard Hot 200 and marked their resounding accomplishment on the global market. 

BTS gained international recognition with the No.1 Billboard 200 

He was also the youngest idol in history to be awarded the “Order of Cultural Merit” Medal from the Korean government. 

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Jungkook became the youngest idol in history to received a Medal from the Government 

22 years old: tickets sold out at the largest stadium in the US,  had the honor to perform at the Grammys

Jungkook was 22 when BTS sold out tickets at the largest US stadium for their tour concert. It was also the year BTS became the first honorary Korean artist to perform at the Grammys, world-renowned music award. 

Jungkook performed at the Grammys alongside BTS 

23 years old: No.1 Billboard Hot 100, first time received a Grammy nomination

Jungkook alongside BTS was first nominated at the Grammys and won No.1 Billboard Hot 100 with “Dynamite”, creating an outstanding heat in the world music stage.

bts grammy
BTS received their first Grammys nomination when Jungkook was 23 

24 years old: was appointed special envoys to the President and awarded “Artist of the Year’ at the “American Music Awards”, received the second Grammys nomination 

BTS, including Jungkook at 24, was nominated for the Grammys for the second time and had the honor to be appointed special envoys to the President, charged with the mission to accompany the Korean President to attend the 76th UN General Assembly session, all in the same year. 

bts moon jae in
Jungkook was appointed special envoy at 24 

25 years old: Arrived at the White House for a powerful speech, third Grammy nomination and the historic stage at the 2022 “World Cup” 

BTS was nominated for the Grammy Awards for the third time and, as the appointed special envoys, Jungkook earned the chance to be at the White House and delivered a powerful speech on inequality. 

Jungkook appeared besides other BTS members at the White House to make an impressive speech 

Jungkook was also the first ever Korean to perform at the opening ceremony of the planetary event “World Cup 2022” at the Al Bayt stadium, Qatar which held 60 thousand spectators, creating a shiny milestone in the span of his career. 

bts jungkook fifa world cup
Jungkook sang “Dreamers” at the “World Cup 2022” opening ceremony 
bts jungkook fifa world cup
His performance lit up the stage at WC 2022 
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His visuals also captured attention 

The effect following his performance also took hold of social media. The stage was pass around and the hashtag #DreamersbyJungkook” reached Top 1 Trending on Twitter. 

bts jungkook twitter trending
Jungkook’s performance reached Top 1 Trending on Twitter 

Source: K14

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