[PANN] Why is Irene’s facial expression like that?

Why is Irene’s facial expression like that?

“I’m not trying to judge you based on your appearance or anything. I just want to understand your mood back then with that face expression.

I’ve never posted about you pointing your finger and having that face while talking to other people. You told the staff that you want that blanket, but you also made a face. I really don’t understand that and it’s even more ridiculous when you used the blanket as your excuse.

I have nothing to say, it just seems like it’s a bad feeling, but I’m criticizing the public for putting him in front of the fans in front of the stage. If I were a public figure, I wouldn’t even behave like that backstage, not to mention you did that in front of your fans.

It’s nice that she thought of her members and asked for some blankets, but you think you can frown at the staff that was taking care of you guys like that? I don’t have any malevolence at Red Velvet, but every time they appear with such beauty, that face from Irene was such a disappointment. Even if you just want to pass that blanket to Yeri, you shouldn’t frown at the staff like that. It’s not like the staff was blocking your way or anything. She was trying to pass blankets to all of you. The problem here was your face, and no one said that passing a blanket was problematic.”

Sources: Pann

  • “According to what I’ve seen, Irene realize that Yeri’s skirt was too short so she asked the staff for a blanket. Although she reach to the left to take it, the staff didn’t hand the blanket to Irene.I was about to move to the front of Irene and she kept looking to Yeri’s side. Because the staff didn’t give her the blanket, she pointed her finger and mouthed “blanket on my knees” while making a square with her fingers.” Although she had a face and pointed her finger, it wasn’t just a simple act if you look into the whole situation.”
  • “What is this?? You’re saying this is not problematic at all? That was how she felt for real; there are a lot of idols who get tired of their staffs, but this is a real big deal.”
  • “What the hell? ㅋㅋ Why did you even buy gifts for your staff and dancers anyway?”
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