Kris Wu has been accused of setting up a group chat to “hunt” for underage girls

This time, the person who denounced Kris Wu was Du Meidzu – the rumored girlfriend that was once denied by the actor.

The hottest scandal tonight (July 8) involves former EXO member Kris Wu.  Major newspapers reported that Du Meidzu – the rumored girlfriend of the former EXO member – released a series of evidence including screenshots of conversations with the girls who used to interact with the male singer.  It is worth mentioning that this time, Du Meidzu revealed a series of shocking new details, related to underage girls.

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In her very long post, Du Meidzu said that around the time she and Kris Wu were still in a relationship, the male singer cheated on her and had love affairs with many other girls.  After that, the actor had an account specializing in “hunting” underage girls, who were born in 2000 or later. 

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Moreover, Kris also constantly used the excuse that the MV needed to recruit female actors, the company needed to sign a contract with a new artist,… to call the beauties to the party to drink together.  In addition, he and his friends also displayed photos of these teenage girls to choose from and discuss as if they were toys.

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Du Meidzu

However, right after that, Kris Wu’s side issued a press release and confirmed that all the information and messages posted by Du Meidzu are fake. Cause this incident has seriously damaged the image and reputation of the male singer, the studio has authorized the law firm and has completed the work of collecting evidence to protect his legitimate rights

In another development, amid the scandal, Kris Wu still attended an event that took place this evening.  Unaffected by rumors, the former EXO member is still handsome and attractive.

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Source: K14, weibo

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