10 bold daily photos of Lee Hyo-ri taken by her husband Lee Sang-soon

A photo exhibition featuring singer Lee Hyo-ri’s 24-year career drew many people’s attention.

From June 12th to 26th, the photo exhibition “The Lee Hyo-ri we didn’t know, sculptures of 24 years” was held at Figure And Ground, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

lee hyori

At the exhibition, Lee Hyo-ri’s photos, which were taken by Lee Hyo-ri’s husband Lee Sang-soon and other famous artists, were released.

Amid many people’s visits, fashion designer Yoni P released several photos of Lee Hyo-ri in the exhibition through her Instagram. In the photos, Lee Hyo-ri showed off her femme fatale charm with her various appearances.

In particular, the photo of Lee Hyo-ri boasting her perfect body with her top off aroused admiration from many people. The photo exhibition could also be observed in the final episode of TVING’s “Seoul Check-in”.

Interior designer Jasson, who attended the exhibition, gave a thumbs up saying, “It’s really cool.” Comedian Hong Hyun-hee expressed her desire to own Lee Hyo-ri’s photos, “I want to buy them.”

Singers Jung Jae-hyung, Uhm Jung-hwa, Hwasa and ballet dancer Yoon Hye-jin also visited the photo exhibition and poured out compliments.

In this photo exhibition, which was planned to look back on Lee Hyo-ri’s 24-year career, Lee Hyo-ri transformed into a one-day docent to repay the love of her fans, who have been by her side for a long time.

Source: Insight

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