“This is legendary…” Lee Hyo-ri revealed the nude photos she took in the past at her photo exhibition

Fashion designer Yoni P revealed some of her best friend Lee Hyo-ri’s unreleased photos.

On July 2nd, Yoni P posted several photos on her Instagram with a message, “Hyori’s photo exhibition, ‘The Lee Hyo-ri we didn’t know, sculptures of 24 years’.”

The released post contained a photo of Yoni P, who is posing affectionately with Lee Hyo-ri.

In addition, Lee Hyo-ri’s past photos, which had not been released so far, were also revealed. Among them, the most eye-catching one were Lee Hyo-ri’s past nude photos. 

A black-and-white photo caught attention as Lee Hyo-ri completely took off her top and covered her chest with only her arms.

Lee was looking at her fingers leisurely and creating a uniquely chic and charismatic atmosphere.

Yoni P introduced her best friend, saying, “Lee Hyo-ri, a human being who shines on me and everyone, in the past and now,” and “The first superstar friend that I became close with after having dinner together through the introduction of an acquaintance about 11 years ago.”

Yoni P showed off her strong friendship with Lee Hyo-ri by writing, “I love you a lot, and you comfort me a lot. Let’s all get older together like this.

Earlier, Lee Hyo-ri planned a photo exhibition in the original TVing series “Seoul Check-in,” saying, “Since I took a lot of photos, I want to collect them all at one place to see them, and I want to set up a place where my fans can meet each other through this too.

During the preparation, Lee Hyo-ri looked at her nude photos and said, “Can’t I reveal this photo, too? There’s nothing to hide now. Let’s go with something cool. I don’t care,” she said, showing off her cool side.

Source: wikitree

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