Controversy broke out when comparing the two “national first loves” Suzy and Son Ye Jin

Not only Suzy’s private life but also her career has caused controversy many times.

Recently, “national first love” Suzy has officially returned to the small screen with the lead role in the drama “Anna”. Although it has just been aired, Suzy’s “Anna” has begun to receive a positive response from viewers. Many people even commented that this is probably Suzy’s best work since her debut as an actress.

In the movie, Suzy plays Anna aka Yoo Mi. Anna is a much-loved mysterious character. She has a rich husband, has a position in society. But in reality, this character Anna does not exist. Behind Anna is Yoo Mi – a poor woman who likes to lie. The cause is Yoo Mi suffering from Ripley’s Syndrome,  a condition that involves confusing a false self for one’s actual self and trying to maintain peace of mind.

Taking on the role of Anna, Suzy received many compliments. Before receiving the recognition of the audience, Suzy also had a period of time receiving criticism for her not yet good enough acting skills.

Compared to “nation’s first love” Son Ye Jin

Suzy was born in 1994, she started entering the Korean entertainment industry in 2010 as a member of the idol group Miss A. When she first debuted, Suzy’s beautiful and pure visuals helped her become the center of attention among the members of Miss A. However, getting too much attention also leads to Suzy getting bashed. Netizens said that JYP showed a clear bias toward Suzy while ignored other MissA members.

Miss A
Suzy debuted as a member of Miss A

Not long after her debut, Suzy began to try herself as an actress. In her first drama “Dream High”, Suzy was given the female lead role. Coupled with Kim Soo Hyun, Suzy and this cult actor quickly became fans’ favorite couple. However, the two only keep a purely co-worker relationship.

Suzy in Dream High

After that, Suzy was able to participate in the movie project “Architecture 101”. Although she only took on the young version of the female lead Seo Yeon played by Han Ga In, Suzy was well appreciated by the public. Thanks to this role, Suzy was given the title of “national first love” and was said to be able to succeed her senior – Son Ye Jin.

After that, the media began to attach the title of “national first love” to Suzy. Besides the compliments, Suzy also received a lot of criticism for her acting skills over the years. Many opinions said that, despite taking on the main roles and pairing with talented actors, Suzy’s acting was still not good.

Suzy caused controversy many times because of her acting skills

Suzy almost only receives awards related to favorite artists or couples voted by fans… Therefore, the former Miss A member has been criticized many times for her acting ability.


Therefore, many people consider it unreasonable to label Suzy the “national first love” or Son Ye Jin’s successor. Because, in addition to the title of “national first love”, Son Ye Jin is also highly appreciated for her acting skills. Hyun Bin’s wife has also received a series of noble awards as well as owning a variety of box office blockbusters.

Her love stories with 2 surname-Lee actors

In addition to her successful acting career, Suzy’s love stories with two popular actors, Lee Min Ho and Lee Dong Wook, are quite well-known to many netizens.

First, let’s talk about her relationship with Lee Min Ho. The news of the two’s relationship shocked many netizens at the time of its release since Lee Min Ho and Suzy have never collaborated on any projects. In early 2015, Dispatch released photos of Lee Min Ho and Suzy going out together on a date. The couple has been dating secretly for more than 2 years.

Lee Jong Suk , suzy, lee minho, breakup
Suzy and Lee Min Ho often date in other countries to avoid the press.

It is known that Lee Min Ho was the one who actively pursues Suzy and identified this as a serious relationship. According to many sources, it took Lee Min Ho 5-7 times of contact to get her attention… However, all those efforts were rejected by the former Miss A member. The reason is that Suzy only wants to date ordinary people and she doesn’t like her love affairs being scrutinized by the media.


Being touched by his persistent pursuit, Suzy finally said yes and agreed to date him. Knowing that his girlfriend did not like their love to be a secret, during the time of their relationship, he usually took her on a date outside of Korea to avoid being caught by the media.

According to the Korean news site Dispatch, after returning to Korea, Lee Min Ho would drive Suzy to dates and work, making netizens compare him to a prince. However, Suzy and Lee Min Ho ended up separating in November 2017, to the great regrets of fans.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy dated for 2 years.

If Lee Min Ho and Suzy stayed together for 2 whole years, then Suzy’s next relationship was extremely short-lived. Apparently, she dated actor Lee Dong Wook for only 4 months.

Lee Dong-wook

The couple officially announced their relationship in March 2018 but were confirmed to have one their separate ways just 4 months later, citing “busy schedules” as the reason behind the breakup.

Lee Dong-wook
Suzy and Lee Dong Wook broke up after 4 months of dating

As of date, Suzy still remains single with no new dating partner. The beautiful actress so far has been focusing on her challenging new role in web series “Anna”, and even received high acclaim for her acting.


Source: K14

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