Why did Suzy and Lee Min Ho break up?

Why did Suzy and Lee Min Ho break up? Netizens are still looking for the answers.

On 16 Nov, in the morning, Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s break-up news was officially confirmed by JYP Entertainment, which marked the end of one of the most supported and admirable relationship of Kbiz. What the audience are curious the most right now is the reason for their break-up.

Most recently, the Etnews of Korea showed many pieces of news related to Suzy’s interview in the past as well as the information about a surprising person who was guessed to be the reason for the end of this relationship.

Lee Jong Suk , suzy, lee minho, breakup

This January, in a variety show about Suzy’s private life called “Off the REC”, the “national first love” had a chance to share her current relationship with the famous Lee Min Ho. When asked about how often did they have a dating in a month, Suzy hesitated saying: “Dating? Once a month is…”. Noticing that, PD continued to “attack” the young girl: “Once a week? Once every 2 weeks? 3 weeks?”. When Suzy did not give an answer, PD confirmed that, “It means that you both only meet each other once a month”. The hilarious saying of PD made Suzy laugh.

Lee Jong Suk , suzy, lee minho, breakup

According to Etnews, Suzy is now very busy with her thick commercial and filming schedules. Moreover, Lee Min Ho is still enlisting in the military. We can see that Suzy and Lee Min Ho do not have much time to see each other, which made them far away from each other.

Lee Jong Suk , suzy, lee minho, breakup
Lee Jong Suk , suzy, lee minho, breakup

Besides, Lee Jong Suk is also a target of their fans when Suzy and Lee Min Ho broke up. When this piece of news was published, Lee Jong Suk became the top searching key word of Naver, the biggest web portal of Korea. Many fans think that, Lee Jong Suk and Suzy probably flirted each other during their acting for “While You Were Sleeping (SBS 2017)”. However, this is just a rumor which has no evidence from the netizens.

Lee Jong Suk , suzy, lee minho, breakup, naver
Lee Min Ho ranks first, Suzy ranks third and Lee Jong Suk ranks eighth in top trends of Naver.

And you know, life is a series of relationships and breakups. Just like ordinary people, celebrities date and break up too. They have their own reasons for their breakup, and we don’t need to impute evil motives to them.

Source: kenh14, kpopbehind, koreaboo

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