“Please stop the music,” Psy urgently stopped his performance amid a live award show

Singer Psy showcased his ambition and experience as a veteran singer, signaling future active activities.

The scene happened on the stage of the 32nd Seoul Music Awards at KSPO DOME in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul on Jan 19th.

On the same day, Psy won 2 awards, including the Bonsang and the “World Best Artist Award”.


Psy stepped on stage right after winning the Bonsang, dressed in a red stage costume and a gold microphone in his hand. “Some of you may have noticed, but my costumes and microphones are a bit loud to simply give an acceptance speech. In fact, a singer speaks with his song,” he said, drawing cheers.


At that time, Psy said, “I will put down the trophy for a while,” and naturally moved on to perform “That That.” When the audience at the venue could not grasp the situation yet, Psy asked, “Please stop the music.” “I’m sorry I cut off the music. Can everyone please stand up?” he asked the audience to “stand up.”

The venue was silent for a while. However, Psy continued his performance naturally after saying “Give me some music.” An unexpected incident almost happened, but his experience and skills on stage solved it all.


Dancers appeared and a stage reminded of Psy’s solo concert soon took place. Psy went down to the audience seats where his junior singers were sitting and completed a performance where everyone enjoyed the music together.

Netizens were surprised by his actions, saying, “Psy put all audiences on their feet just with ‘That That’,” and “I’m not sure if I’m watching the Seoul Music Awards or Psy concert…Thank you,” “Is this what they call Psy’s class? He was giving his acceptance speech and suddenly, he performed.


The following video shows a part of the situation.

Source: Wikitree

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