“I’m getting married!” Mi Joo suddenly announced her marriage at the 32nd Seoul Music Awards?

Mi Joo surprised everyone with her sudden marriage announcement at the 32nd Seoul Music Awards.

The 32nd Seoul Music Awards was aired on KBS Joy and Idolplus on January 19th. Kim Il Joong, Mi Joo and SHINee Min Ho appeared at the awards ceremony as MCs. 


In the first part of the event, they introduced actors Bae Da Bin and Yoo Seon Ho as award presenters for New Wave Star. The winners of this award were Kep1er, Lapillus and TAN. Next, TNX, NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM were honored with Rookie of the Year. 

The second part of the awards ceremony then began. Appearing as a presenter for R&B Hiphop Awards, Aiki said, “I’m a huge fan of Mi Joo”, adding “I want you to fix one thing… That’s my heart”. In response, Mi Joo said, “I don’t know, you silly. I can’t fix it. How can I fix it when I also love you?”, drawing laughter.

Lee Mijoo

After several performances, Min Ho came down the stage and interviewed the singers. He asked IVE about their wishes and congratulated Kara on their comeback. Kara Han Seung Yeon shared, “It’s our first schedule this year. Please look forward to our performance”.

Next, Min Ho said, “This is a group I really like”, then introduced boy group NCT DREAM from the same agency. When asked about their wishes for 2023, member Ji Sung said, “I hope everyone stays healthy. Our group will develop more and work harder”.

As the awards ceremony continued with part 3, Mi Joo appeared in a glamorous white dress and showed off her perfect bride-like beauty. Mi Joo smiled and said, “I’m getting married today”. Kim Il Joong laughed and asked, “You suddenly make a marriage announcement?”. In response, Mi Joo said, “I’m getting married alone”.

Source: Daum

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