BTS J-Hope has been sponsoring an abandoned dog shelter in Busan for 2 years

It was belatedly known that BTS J-Hope was sponsoring an abandoned dog shelter in Imgok, Busan.

On August 31st, the Naver blog “Yeonsu Glass” contained BTS J-Hope’s good deeds.

A, who runs “Imgok Shelter”, said, “In February last year, a madam saw my blog shelter post and inquired about sponsorship. She turned out to be J-Hope’s mother.

 Yeonsu Glass

J-Hope and his mother, who felt sorry for the poor environment of the shelter, expressed their desire to repair the shelter.

At that time, Imgok Shelter had no sponsors, so A was the only one taking care of many abandoned dogs.

The rain could narrowly be avoided, but when a typhoon came, the shelter collapsed, and abandoned dogs had to endure cold winds in the cold winter.

An anonymous sponsor contacted A. A shared, “I couldn’t tell you at that time because that person didn’t want to be known, but the sponsor was J-Hope.”

With J-Hope’s help, abandoned dogs at Imgok Shelter have a clean and solid new home.

Besides, J-Hope is said to be consistently sponsoring food for abandoned dogs even though he is serving in the military.

A confessed, “It’s been almost two years (since J-Hope started sponsoring). I contacted J-Hope’s mother for the first time in a while and after a long period of persuasion, she agreed to announce the sponsorship. I hope many people will show interest in abandoned animals.”

Source: Insight

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