“Next So Hee” Bae Doo Na, “Kim Si Eun’s acting? I can’t believe it was her debut film. She perfectly transformed into So Hee”

Bae Doo Na praised the passionate acting of rookie actress Kim Si Eun.

Bae Doo Na met with Sports Chosun at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on February 2nd. During the interview, the actress said, “I don’t often rewatch my scenes but I always monitored Kim Si Eun’s acting”.

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“Next So Hee” is divided into two parts led by different actresses. The movie tells about high school student So Hee (Kim Si Eun), who goes on field training at a call center, in the first part, and detective Yoo Jin (Bae Doo Na)’s investigation into So Hee’s unfair death in the second part.

Bae Doo Na explained, “The audience will see So Hee’s last appearance before her death in the first part, then I will try to find out the truth of the case in the second part. I wanted to make viewers get emotional from the moment I appears, so I tried my best to show my raw acting. I think it would help the audience sympathize with my character”.

The actress continued, “I monitored Si Eun’s acting a few times and was very surprised by her performances. Realizing that even those who had never filmed a movie before could act so well in front of the camera, I felt very proud. The pure and passionate appearance of So Hee, who tries to fight hard and survive, portrayed by Si Eun touched me. I felt more confident after watching her acting. That’s why I told the director to quickly edit the movie and publish it.”

Lastly, Bae Doo Na confessed, “The title ‘Next So Hee’ gave me a bitter feeling”. She shed tears after saying, “I hope this will be a work that can deliver great comfort to those who are in such a difficult situation like So Hee. Thank you for enduring everything so well”.

“Next So Hee” will premiere on February 8th.

Source: daum

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