BLACKPINK’s concert in Rosé’s hometown suddenly canceled?

Alleged information regarding the cancellation of BLACKPINK’s concert in Auckland, New Zealand is gaining attention. 

With their world tour BORN PINK, BLACKPINK has become the highest-grossing Asian female artist in North America. The girl group recently wrapped up their Abu Dhabi stop, and will be taking a month of rest before resuming their world tour in Kuala Lumpur as well as in other cities.

However, recently on the SNS platform Twitter, information about the cancellation of BLACKPINK’s Born Pink concert in Auckland is being spread. In particular, a Twitter account, said to be of BLACKPINK’s concert venue, tweeted, “Please note that due to unforeseen logistical challenges, the originally announced Auckland show will no longer be feasible.”


While YG hasn’t spoken up about this alleged cancellation, many netizens believed the aforementioned tweet to be true. According to them, Auckland has been suffering from a heavy hurricane in the past 4 days, with media of travelers trying to walk through floods being spreaded. It is known that thousands of people have to stay in stations due to floods hindering all traffic.

As of the moment, there have been 3 deaths and 1 person missing after the tragic hurricane. Therefore, many people believe that BLACKPINK’s concert will be impossible to carry out. 


Previously, BLACKPINK was scheduled to perform in Auckland, New Zealand on June 21st. However, in YG’s latest announcement, only stops in Melbourne and Sydney are listed for the month of June. 

Seeing that Auckland is the birthplace of Rosé, many fans are expressing regrets. However, many people still hope that Rosé will have fun in Australia, since the female idol grows up in the country. At the same time, some believe that another date may be arranged for Auckland, and the cancellation is only a temporary solution. 

BLACKPINK was supposed to perform in Auckland in June 
However, only Melbourne and Sydney stops were announced in YG’s latest announcement 
blackpink rose concert
BLACKPINK’s concert in Rosé’s hometown may have been canceled due to hurricane

Source: k14

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