A paradox found in BLACKPINK Lisa’s debut achievements amazed everyone

The sale of Lisa’s album is reported to have surpassed BLACKPINK’s record. However, it seems that ‘LALISA’ is not performing well on digital charts.

Since debuting with her first solo album, Lisa (BLACKPINK) has set many impressive records on Youtube and also became the first KPOP solo artist to have an MV reach 100 million views in the shortest time.

Moreover, she also earned a record-breaking number of album sales in the history of KPOP female soloists.

In particular, ‘LALISA’ sold 330.129 copies on the very first day of its release. Until September 16, Lisa’s solo album recorded 736.221 copies in total.

With this record, BLACKPINK Lisa became the first KPOP female solo singer to earn the title “half-million seller’ in the first week of release.

Notably, with more than 700,000 copies sold, Lisa set the record for the highest first-week physical sales of a female KPOP artist. Among female artists, the Top 3 positions belong to Lisa, Blackpink and Rosé, respectively. Thus, Lisa has surpassed her group’s overall achievement in terms of album sales.

A paradox found in BLACKPINK Lisa’s debut achievements amazed everyone

Regardless of such a good achievement, LALISA is not well received on the digital music charts in Korea. The song also sparks controversy when some netizens find it absurd that LALISA could get such high album sales while the music quality is not impressive enough. 

Currently, the song “LALISA” has also dropped out of the Top 100 on Melon and many other popular digital music charts in Korea. This surprised many fans because it’s not too difficult to rank within the Top 100 on Melon. There are many KPOP songs that stay on this chart for a very long time. But Lisa’s LALISA only lasted in the Top 100 for 10 days.

Moreover, Lisa also topped September’s girl group member brand reputation rankings. According to market experts, Lisa saw a significant increase in her reputation index in September thanks to her strong influence in both Korean and international music markets.

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