Netizens argued about Lisa’s (BLACKPINK) digital scoreboard at music shows

Lisa (BLACKPINK)’s disappointing digital achievement once again attracted attention when the song “LALISA” started to be nominated for No.1 at music shows from this week.

On September 10, Lisa (BLACKPINK) officially released her first single album ‘LALISA,’ and the title track of the same name. Her solo debut is highly anticipated as Lisa is one of the most famous female Kpop idols today.

In the end, its effect brings surprising netizens but also causes a lot of controversies. The reason is that in addition to outstanding achievements in Youtube views or album sales contributed by international fans, her digital music achievements in Korea or essential global music markets are not as good as expected. 

When the song ‘LALISA’ begins battling for the No. 1 trophy at Korean music shows, bad digital music results will be a massive drawback. At this point, all expectations will be focused on the female idol’s “great” album sales or MV views. But, whether this song received a trophy or not, it was the disappointing digital score of ‘LALISA’ that drew the most attention from netizens.

Music Bank: Won the No.1 trophy but the digital score is far behind rookie group STAYC

On the September 17 episode of ‘Music Bank’, Lisa’s ‘LALISA’ and STAYC‘s ‘STEREOTYPE’ were the two nominated songs for No.1 position. The final result was that ‘LALISA’ won with a score of 5,068 points even though Lisa did not have a promotion stage. This is also the first No.1 trophy in the solo career of the BLACKPINK’s maknae.

The breakdown of ‘LALISA’ scores is as follows:

  • Digital music score: 300
  • Viewer’s pick score: 0
  • Broadcast score on KBS: 0
  • Album score: 4768

So we can see that Lisa won based on the overwhelming sales of ‘LALISA’ album. However, many netizens had to pay attention to the very low score of 300 for the song ‘LALISA’, a number that was far behind rookie STAYC when the High Entertainment girl group’s score reached 1086 points.

Inkigayo: When Youtube views, album sales scores, and votes can’t make up for the digital score

In the September 19 broadcast of ‘Inkigayo’, 3 songs nominated for No.1 trophy were Lisa’s ‘LALISA’, Lee Mujin’s ‘Traffic Light’ and aespa‘s ‘Next Level’. Lisa was expected to win because the female idol achieved full points in terms of album sales, MV views (SNS) and votes. However, in the end, Lisa only finished second with a score of 4,973 points, and the No.1 trophy went to Lee Mujin’s song ‘Traffic Light’ with 5,636 points.

The breakdown of ‘LALISA’ scores is as follows:

  • Album sales score (10%): 1000
  • SNS score (MV views, accounting for 30%): 3000
  • Audience council’s pre-vote score (5%): 0
  • Hotspot ON-AIR (10%): 0
  • Real-time voting score (5%): 500
  • Digital music score (55%): 473

So we can see that Lisa really has overwhelming scores in the categories related to views, album sales and even fan votes. However, that is still not enough when the youngest member of BLACKPINK’s digital music score is too low, only 473, while Lee Mujin’s score is very high at 5500 and aespa’s is also up to 4295.

So we can see that Lisa really has overwhelming scores in the categories related to views, album sales, and even fan votes. However, that is insufficient when the youngest member of BLACKPINK has a very low digital music score of 473, while Lee Mujin’s score is 5500 and aespa’s score is likewise 4295.

This shows that, despite the BLINK fandom’s support, it is insufficient. Despite the fact that fans eagerly voted for Lisa on STARPASS (Inkigayo’s voting app), the result still disappointed her fans. Perhaps this was Lisa’s first promotional stage in Korea, as well as the fact that the song did not do well on digital music; thus, the female idol did not have the expected celebration encore stage.

As a result, many netizens affirmed that Lisa’s solo debut was not as successful as expected. To really get good results, perhaps in addition to the criteria of MV views or album sales, a good song will help BLACKPINK’s youngest member really make an impression in the public’s heart.

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