The reason why New Jeans’ fans praised Min Ji’s leadership after watching their performance

Amid the growing popularity of New Jeans’ Min Ji, fans continued to shower her with praise for her outstanding leadership.

New Jeans, the “monster rookie” who swept the music charts at soon as they debut, is reaching a new peak every day. All five members each have their own unique personalities, but the public is especially interest in leader Min Ji.

newjeans minji

According to a big data analysis conducted by the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute in January this year, New Jeans’ Min Ji ranked first in the girl group’s personal brand reputation chart.

This was even more eye-catching because she beats BLACKPINK Jennie, who is dominating the girl group scene.


Among Min Ji’s numerous attractive points, it was her “leadership” that shook fans’ hearts.

Recently, New Jeans appeared on SBS’s “Inkigayo” to performe their new song “Ditto.”


Before the stage started, Min Ji put out her hands, and the rest of the members naturally stacked their hands above and below Min Ji’s hands as if they were already familiar with that. After that, Min Ji made eye contact with all the members and sent encouraging eyes. After shouting a mute version of “Fighting,” she moved to her respective position.


It was just a short moment, but anyone could feel her extreme love for the New Jeans members from Min Ji’s eyes.

Fans also praised Min Ji, saying, “Min Ji is the best leader,” and “As long as a leader like Min Ji leads the team, they will have no controversy.”

Meanwhile, New Jeans, who entered the music industry in July last year, succeeded in entering the US Billboard main single chart “Hot 100” only 181 days after their debut.

Source: Insight

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