Girls’ Generation Yuri showed off her bold beach fashion with her pants button left sexily undone

Yuri, an actress and a member of Girls’ Generation, showed off her bold swimsuit fashion.

Yuri posted several photos on her Instagram on April 30th with a short caption “Vibin’ at Maui.” The photos show her having a good time in Hawaii.

In the photo, Yuri can be seen enjoying the trip while listening to music in the swimming pool. She wore white pants over her tight swimsuit. However, the buttons on her pants are undone, attracting everyone.

Internet users were amazed by her photos. They responded with similar reactions, saying, “So pretty. Does this make sense?” “She’s so cool and pretty,” “Yuri in a party atmosphere, OMG.”.

Below following are photos posted by Girls’ Generation Yuri on her SNS.

Meanwhile, Yuri has chosen KT Studio Genie’s new drama “Good Job” as her next work.


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