Taiwanese Lai Guan-lin and Darren Wang, Hongkonger Jackson Wang show support for “One China”

With Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan, the China Government is again crying out about “One China.”

Since August 2nd, active celebrities of Chinese nationality have been uploading posts supporting “One China” through their Weibo.

The “One China” principle is a policy that states China (the People’s Republic of China), Taiwan (the Republic of China), Hong Kong, and Macau are one body that cannot be divided, and the only legitimate government is the Chinese government.

lai guanlin

This is related to Speaker Pelosi, who holds the third-largest power in the U.S, and her arrival in Taiwan for her visit to East Asia. The Chinese government showed signs of dissatisfaction with Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, and it seems that it has mobilized celebrities to dominate public opinion.

In fact, numerous Chinese celebrities such as Fan Bingbing, Fan Chengcheng, Angela Baby, and Huang Xiaoming, who are active in China, uploaded posts supporting the policy, while Chinese celebrities who are (or were) active as K-Pop idols such as Hankyung, Luhan, Lay, Cheng Xiao, Fei, Wang Yiren, and WinWin, also participated.

yiren winwin

What is even more surprising is that even non–mainland Chinese citizens joined the move. HongKonger GOT7 Jackson, Taiwan-born Lai Guanlin and actor Darren Wang also showed their support by reposting the post on their Weibo.


In particular, most of them have previously posted posts calling the Korean War an anti-American aid war, and have expressed their support for the Chinese Communist Party and Xinjiang cotton controversy.

Every time there is a controversy related to China, domestic Korean netizens are saying that they should not accept celebrities and trainees from China because of their actions.

Source: daum

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