“Pick up the dumplings” BLACKPINK Jisoo uploaded photos so cute all the fans rioted

Several photos posted on the SNS of BLACKPINK Jisoo are attracting intense attention from fans.

On October 10th, BLACKPINK Jisoo published several photos on Instagram with the caption, “With my dumplings”. However, the “dumplings” featured in the photos were none other than fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie, who earned the nickname due to her cute and round cheeks that resembled fluffy dumplings. 


In the photos, Jisoo can be seen making friendly poses such as poking her own cheek and making a “flower” pose. Both female idols were wearing comfortable sweatshirts, and yet boasted outstanding visuals. 

On the same day, Jisoo also uploaded an Instagram story of her pinching Jennie’s cheeks along with the caption, “Picking up the dumplings and eating them”, drawing laughter. 


Seeing the extremely cute friendship of BLACKPINK members through the photos, fans showed explosive reactions in the comments, and sent a warm cheer.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is currently on their world tour “BORN PINK”, which started with two concerts held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul on the 15th and 16th of October.

Source: wikitree

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