aespa launched a teaser for their upcoming comeback with the first mini-album

Netizens put high expectations on the upcoming song of aespa as their latest song “Next Level” currently has impressive achievements on Korean digital charts. 

SM recently uploaded an animation to reveal aespa’s comeback with ‘Savage’.  aespa’s first mini-album ‘Savage’, which will be released on October 5, contains a total of 6 songs in various genres, including the title song ‘Savage’ of the same name. This will be the first comeback in nearly 4 months since the release of “Next Level”.

In the teaser, fans caught a familiar image: snakes.  This image has appeared in the debut MV “Black Mamba” as well as the recent MV “Next Level”.  It is not clear what the following story about the Kwangya world that SM continues to bring to the fans, but aespa’s new song is highly anticipated.  The reason is because the song “Next Level”, which once created a great success for aespa, is still dominating the digital music charts in Korea.


Released on May 17, up to now, the song Next Level is still ranked 3rd on iChart, firmly in the top 10 of most charts such as Melon, Genie, FLO, VIBE.  Even a series of songs from leading Kpop artists such as Queendom (Red Velvet), Weekend (Taeyeon), Butter, Permission To Dance (BTS)… all have not as good rankings as “Next Level”. Even LALISA, BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s first solo song released on September 10, could not affect the position of Next Level.

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