Korean netizens debate on the recent trend of wearing crop top

Some people think they have the right to wear what they want, while others say they feel embarrassed when they meet someone wearing a crop top.

“When I wear a crop top, I feel as if I have become a celebrity. Proud attire is a source of confidence.” (27-year-old office worker Hong Mo)

“When I see women in short tops on the subway grabbing the handle, I often get startled and dodge their gaze. It’s also a bit embarrassing.” (28-year-old office worker Kim Mo)

A crop top is a top cut short.  The appearance of the navel-tee made Korean society noisy in the 1990s.  The crop top is also bringing a new debate to Korean society in 2021.

The content of the controversy was the same in the 1990s but within the larger framework.  There is an opinion that it is embarrassing to see a person wearing a crop top in public and the opinion that dressing is personal freedom.

“I don’t know if crop tops are embarrassing enough to cause inconvenience to others,” said Kim (29), who usually wears crop tops. “I don’t understand why people pay too much attention to other people’s clothes, whether they wear leggings or crop tops.”

Accordingly, the cropped tee, which has recently gained attention as an”insider” fashion item, has begun to gain attention again due to the retro craze.  Crop tops are gaining popularity because they give you a playful feel and make your legs look longer.

According to Shinsegae International, crop tops such as womenswear brands “Bob,” “G-Cut” and “STUDIO TOMBOY” have become so popular that they’ve been restocked for the third time this year alone.

The industry explains that crop tops are highly preferred by the MZ generation, who value their style and individuality, as they can be styled with various bottoms such as wide pants, jogger pants, and shorts.

VPPLEMENT, an online-only brand targeting the Z generation, released 90% of summer tops like short-sleeve jackets, knitwear, and waist-length crop tops.

The response from a representative of Bplementis was so explosive that most of the summer crop top products went into reproduction immediately after launch.

Many celebrities, including Jennie(BLACKPINK),are leading the trend of wearing crop tops when sharing pictures on SNS

University student Lee (24) said, “I tend to wear the clothes I want regardless of my body type. I like to wear a crop top in summer because I like to look cool and fresh, but I don’t know what the problem is.”

People asking for restraint complain that they feel embarrassed because they don’t know where to look when a person in a crop top exposes their belly in public.

Choi (25), a university student, said, “As the weather is getting hotter and the trend is now, more people are definitely wearing crop tops. I think it would be better to refrain from wearing too many clothes.”

One mom cafe wrote, “These days, it seems like it’s fashionable to wear tops, short lengths, and leggings for bottoms, but I’m so embarrassed that I don’t have a place to put my eyes. I can’t keep up with the trend?”

As crop top is leading the industry trend, some women say that the choice has narrowed.

“If you go to a women’s wear store to buy clothes these days, you don’t have many options,” said Park Mo (25), a college student.

“Retro is a mega trend that has influenced the fashion industry in recent years, and representative designs that have been popular in the past are drawing new attention every season,” a fashion industry official said. “This year, as health has emerged as a keyword, crop tops of types that have evolved from one-mile wear and athletic looks are gaining huge popularity,” he explained. One-mile wear means clothes worn around the house. Athleisure looks are clothes that can be worn during exercise or daily life.

Source: Daily Economy

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