G-Dragon’s older sister showed off a picture of her 1-month-old son, revealing that he looked like his uncle

Baby Kim Eden is really powerful when his parents are famous actor and fashion designer, and his uncle is the “King of Kpop” G-Dragon.

On February 4th, G-Dragon‘s sister, fashion designer Kwon Dami, officially gave birth to her first child after 3 years of marriage with actor Kim Min Joon. The nephew of the BIGBANG leader is a chubby and healthy baby boy named Kim Eden.

On March 1st, G-Dragon‘s sister updated about her son when he was almost 1 month old. “Our Eden has come home and is growing up very well. 26 days old and the baby has passed 4.5kg. Sometimes Eden looks like his uncle, other times he looks like his dad, it’s magical to see a baby growing up every day”. The sharing of G-Dragon‘s sister made the online community stir and even climbed to the top search of Naver.

GDragon's sister reveals her son...
G-Dragon’s sister reveals her son…

As the son of a famous actor-designer couple and the nephew of the “King of Kpop”, it is no exaggeration to say that Eden is the powerful “silver spoon” boy of Kbiz. Netizens are constantly predicting that little Eden will grow up as handsome as his father or as cool and stylish as his famous uncle.

In October 2019, G-Dragon‘s sister married actor Kim Min Joon. The couple’s wedding received a lot of attention because the groom is a famous actor and the bride is the owner of a fashion brand that was once on the BoF 500 list (500 people who shape the global fashion industry). In November last year, Kwon Dami announced that she was pregnant and gave birth to her first son on February 4th this year.

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