Blonde Karina vs Black-haired Winter: aespa’s Visuals Stun in New Video for B-side “Salty & Sweet” 

Ahead of the release of their third mini-album “MY WORLD,” aespa has unveiled their new song “Salty & Sweet” as one of its tracks.

On May 4th, aespa’s “Salty & Sweet” track video was uploaded on aespa’s YouTube channel. Each member flaunts their dazzling visuals in the video. 


In particular, Karina and Winter stood out with their overwhelming beauty by contrasting their hair colors, with Karina sporting blonde hair and Winter with black hair.


Karina’s fans praised her beauty, saying “She’s popular with black hair, but she’s reached the peak with blonde hair.” Winter’s fans commented that “Her black hair contrasts well with her fair skin, and she looks the prettiest these days.”

The face combination of Karina and Winter has once again created a buzz.

“Salty & Sweet” expresses the idea of captivating someone with both salty and sweet charm. aespa’s visuals in the video seem to reflect the concept of the song well.

Earlier on May 2nd, aespa garnered attention with the MV for the pre-release track “Welcome To MY World.” aespa’s new mini-album “MY WORLD” is set to be out on May 8th at 6 pm KST. The physical album will also be released on the same day.

Source: Insight. 

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