A female singer suddenly announced her official departure from YG Entertainment

Singer Anda (real name Won Min-ji, 31) announced her new start after leaving YG Entertainment.


“As the year 2021comes to an end, I’m very sorry to the fans who are waiting for my song,” Anda said on Instagram on the 31st of last month.

“I left YG Entertainment in the second half of 2021, and I’m going to make a new start in a new place in the new year of 2022,” Anda continued.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about when and how to convey this to my fans, but as I have to clear up my mind, it is not until now do I have the chance to tell you guys.” Anda said, “I’ve met so many good people over the past three years, who have helped me a lot, and those times have also been an important opportunity in my life for me to grow and mature.”

“I won’t forget will always appreciate the people who support me wherever I go, and thanks to you, I want to take a lighter and new step forward. My heart and promise to come with good music and a cool appearance remain unchanged, so please support me. Let’s meet more often and in good health in 2022,” she also added a New Year’s greeting.


Anda, who made her debut in 2012 with the song “Don’t Ask,” was loved for songs such as “Mastering” and “What You Waiting For”.


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