The reasons why Jisoo’s talent deserves to be recognized

Once labeled as “a talentless visual”, Jisoo has always tried her best to improve herself.

BLACKPINK‘s rapidly increasing reputation also unintentionally creates pressure on the members. Jisoo must be the one who has to make the greatest effort to assert herself in this case. Since her debut, the female idol has been labelled as “a talentless visual”. After years of trying, Jisoo‘s accomplishment is truly deserving of the audience’s praise.

On January 3, Jisoo will officially turn 27. At this time, BLACKPINK‘s eldest member has achieved much success and is making fans proud.

Jisoo has improved a lot so far
Jisoo has improved a lot so far

Compared to other idols, Jisoo has a rather late starting point. She started becoming a YG Entertainment trainee in 2011 after an audition.  Before that, she had never been exposed to dancing and singing professionally.  Therefore, in the 5 years before her debut, she had to make great efforts to catch up with other trainees.

When she was a trainee, she also starred in some MVs or dramas as cameos.
When she was a trainee, she also starred in some MVs or dramas as cameos.

During that time, Jisoo did not stop practicing, she hardly had time to visit her family. The female idol once confessed, “I rarely go home and have to practice on weekends, so my parents are quite sad and worried. But they aren’t sentimental, and they know what I have to do, so they advised me to be strong and try to do it.”

Finally, Jisoo‘s efforts also paid off, in 2016 she officially debuted with the girl group BLACKPINK.  However, right from the beginning, the female idol has met with mixed public opinion.  At that time, she attracted attention because of her beautiful appearance, but was also criticized for being less talented than the other members.  There was even an opinion that Jisoo had no role in the group.

When she first debuted, Jisoo was less prominent than the other members.
When she first debuted, Jisoo was less prominent than the other members.

Indeed, in terms of dancing and singing skills, Jisoo was not as good as Lisa, Rosé or Jennie.  However, ignoring those criticisms, she has constantly tried to improve herself.  It can be seen that her singing, dancing and stage performance skills are gradually becoming more skillful and flexible.

Jisoo's skills have improved markedly.
Jisoo’s skills have improved markedly.

In addition, the facial expressions of the beauty born in 1995 are also becoming much more diverse and sharper. Once called “just a pretty face”, Jisoo is now a Global Ambassador of the prestigious brand Dior. At the same time, she became one of the most famous faces among brands and top magazines.

The appearance of Jisoo on the cover of magazines is increasing. (Photo by Dazed Korea)
The appearance of Jisoo on the cover of magazines is increasing.  (Photo by Dazed Korea)

Recently, Jisoo once again proved her ability by playing the female lead role in the drama “Snowdrop.” For an idol first time debuting as an actress, she did not show any awkwardness.  In each scene, the female idol always perfectly transforms into her character and is not even afraid to leave her face bare when filming.

Her expressions in the recent scenes were recently praised. (Photo: Twitter @jisooholics)
Her expressions in the recent scenes were recently praised. 

Jisoo is not afraid to overcome her own fear to portray her role well. The most typical example worth mentioning is the quite dangerous scene where she has to climb a wall. Instead of using a stunt double, she and the male lead Jung Hae In performed it themselves. In the past, the female idol was originally afraid of heights.

 Jisoo does the dangerous scene by herself
 Jisoo does the dangerous scene by herself

The facts prove that Jisoo‘s efforts are one of the reasons for the success of BLACKPINK.  However, she has never been arrogant about her ability, above all she is always very proud of her members, “When working in a group, I realize that everyone has their own position and role, everyone has a chance to shine. Synergy is born like that, that perception changes my perspective. When each person stands in the right place, amazing things can happen.”

 Jisoo at 2022 Paris Fashion Week.
 Jisoo at 2022 Paris Fashion Week.

At the age of 27, the female idol always fulfills her roles in various projects, such as being an MC, actress or model. Therefore, fans hope that after turning a year older, BLACKPINK‘s eldest member will have a great development in the music field. Over the years, Jisoo has proven her talents with her own perseverance and efforts.  Therefore, fans think that up to now, she deserves to be recognized.


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