Netflix’s favorite actor Park Hae-soo, showered with praise worldwide from “Squid Game” to “Narco-Saints”

Actor Park Hae-soo is drawing rave reviews for his double role in “Narco-Saints.”

Narco-Saints” is a Netflix series about a civilian, who was falsely accused of being a drug lord that is taking control of Suriname, accepting a secret mission from the NIS. Since its release on September 9th, the series has ranked No. 1 in the popularity ranking of Netflix in Korea and has been showered with great praise.

Park Hae-soo played the role of Choi Chang-ho, the head of the South American team at the U.S. branch of the National Intelligence Service, who planned to make the last strong move to catch Jeon Yo-hwan (played by Hwang Jung-min), whose he has been tracking for years. As his last resort to arrest his target, he asked for help from civilian Kang In-gu (played by Ha Jung-woo) and succeeded in approaching Jeon Yo-hwan by disguising his status as international trader Gu Sang-man, a business partner of Kang In-gu.

Park Hae-soo, who turned into an undercovered NIS agent for the mission, showed the charms of two distinct characters, not only in his acting tone, but also in terms of his hair styles and costumes. He proved himself to be a trustworthy actor by perfectly playing two roles in the same work for the first time in his life.

Park Hae-soo won the 40th Blue Dragon Film Award for Best New Actor for his first solo lead film, “Quantum Physics”, signaling the birth of a solid actor. Park Hae-soo’s impressive acting began with the drama “Prison Playbook.” Turning into and and leaving a strong impression as baseball player Kim Jae-hyuk, he then appeared as villain Han in the movie “Time to Hunt” and gave off a heavy presence.

Park Hae-soo’s move did not stop here. He was nominated for the 74th Primetime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Cho Sang-woo in “Squid Game,” which took over the world last year, receiving praise from all over the world. In addition, he won the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award, the highest award at the 4th Newsis Hallyu Expo, solidifying his position as a Hallyu star both in name and and public recognition.

Since then, Park Hae-soo’s acting spectrum has been infinitely spread from the just Han Ji-hoon in the spy action film “Yaksha: Ruthless Operation” to the role of Berlin who leads the robbery group in “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area”. Park Hae-soo, who is showing his character passion with his “good guy” face that crosses the boundaries of good and evil through various works, is gaining trust from viewers around the world with his honest and straight acting skills.

Meanwhile, the Netflix series “Narco-Saints,” starring Park Hae-soo, was released on Netflix on September 9th. He is set to soon release director Lee Hae-young’s film “Ghost” and part 2 of “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area,” and is focusing on filming for “The Great Flood.”

Source: daum

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