“Can I report him for sexual harassment?” A video of a woman being disturbed bhy a man supposedly trying to lean on her is taking major attention online 

C-netizens are showing divided reactions aout the authenticity of the video and possible course of action. 

On February 5th, a video of a woman on the train was posted on Weibo and is receiving major social media attention with a whopping 481 million views. The posted clip showed the woman struggling to get the man besides her off her shoulder. Specifically, he seemed to be asleep and persistently leaned on her despite the woman’s resistance and visible discomfort. 


As the poster uploaded the video, she asked for viewers’ advice if she could report the incident as sexual harassment. She detailed the story as: “Within the first 10 minutes of getting on the train, the man fell asleep and started resting his head on my shoulder. I kept trying to shake [his head] off… but to no avail. When I see him shook his shoulders hard and still did not wake up for a second and close his eyes tightly, it felt like he was pretending to be asleep.” 


In response, the audience gave mixed reactions to the video. While some people believed it was sexual harassment because he was “deliberately leaning” on her, recalling similar experiences in the past, others remained skeptical and asked why she didn’t wake him up and spoke frankly about the matter. A group of viewers went further and posed that the video might be “staged.” 

Source: insight

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