This actor went on a hiatus after revealing his secret middle school daughter 

Actor Yoon Da-hoon revealed his daughter Nam Kyung-min’s New Year wish.

On KBS 2TV’s show “Mr.House Husband,” which recently aired, actor Yoon Da-hoon went to see the sunrise with his daughter Nam Kyung-min and son-in-law.

Nam Kyung Min
Nam Kyung Min

On the show, Yoon Da-hoon said he wanted to see his grandson. His son-in-law Yoon Jin-sik said, “The baby has a pretty baby that resembles Kyung-min.”

Yoon Da-hoon‘s daughter Nam Kyung-min is currently an actress and has appeared in “School 2013,” “Cinderella’s Sister,” and “Thrice Married Woman.”

Nam Kyung-min had a wedding late last year. Facing his daughter, Yoon Da-hoon’s face was covered with tears. He said, “She is such a precious daughter to me, and my heart aches.”

Nam Kyung Min
Nam Kyung Min

In the past, Yoon Da-hoon was very popular with the MBC sitcom “Three Friends.” The actor suddenly dropped out of the show after confessing that he had a middle school daughter he had secretly raised.

Since then, in the variety program “Gaduri,” Yoon Da-hoon has expressed his regret to his daughter, referring to the past when he had to hide her from the public.

Yoon Da-hoon said, “After revealing about my child, she officially became my daughter. I’m really sorry about a lot of things,” he said. “She came to my life (without her mother’s presence) when she was a kid. She grew up in my younger brother’s house.”

Nam Kyung Min
Nam Kyung Min

Yoon Da-hoon said he decided to reveal his daughter because he wanted to take sticker photos and hold hands with her on the street. “After that, I dropped out of the program I was doing at the time and apologized to my daughter,” he said, expressing his affection for her.


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