Breaking up after 10 years of dating, Block B’s U-Kwon still presses “like” on Jeon Sun-hye’s post 

After breaking up with model Jeon Sun-hye, Block B’s U-Kwon still ‘liked’ her post. 

Jeon Sun-hye announced her break-up with U-Kwon through her Instagram on May 1st. She said, “Many people have been sending me DMs after seeing my Stories so I think everyone is worried. After much consideration, I’m carefully bringing up this story”, adding, “We’re comfortably seeing each other as friends, not lovers”


U-Kwon’s name was not mentioned but the post is still believed to be an announcement of her break-up with U-Kwon, who is now her ex-boyfriend. Jeon Sun-hye added that she would delete the post the next day. What drew attention was that U-Kwon pressed “like” on the SNS post where Jeon Sun-hye announced her break-up. This close interaction has proved that the two are still having a close relationship as friends.

However, many netizens were surprised by the two’s break-up since Block B’s U-Kwon and Jeon Sun-hye had been dating for such a long time.  In 2012, U-Kwon publicized his romantic relationship with Jeon Sun-hye through Block B’s fancafe. Afterward, he appeared on programs and directly mentioned Jeon Sun-hye several times. 


Jeon Sun-hye made her face known to the public after appearing in Mnet’s “Fill the Groove”, tvN’s “Love Switch”, and MBC’s “High Kick”. U-Kwon made his debut with Block B in 2011 and was discharged from the military in November last year.


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