Jeon So-min: “After dropping me off, my ex-boyfriend changed seat and drove his female friend’s car”

Actress Jeon So-min mentioned her experience of quarreling with her ex-boyfriend.

Joo Woo-jae, Byun Woo-seok and Park Kyung-hye appeared as guests on the May 1st broadcast of SBS’ Running Man. On this day, the members had a “love discussion” over various situations that could happen between them and their lovers.

Running Man

When the production team asked to present a situation worthy of direct debate, Jeon So-min raised curiosity as she cried, “Can I take an actual anecdote as an example?”

Running Man

Jeon So-min said, “My boyfriend was playing with several friends, including a female friend, then he said he would come to pick me up by this female friend’s car. I said it was okay because I had met her twice. But at that time, my house was in Sangam and my boyfriend’s house was in Ilsan, so the female friend dropped me off and my boyfriend said goodbye to me.”

Running Man

Jeon So-min‘s anger did not stop there. Jeon So-min surprised everyone by adding, “When I got off, my boyfriend drove, and the female friend moved to the passenger seat.”

Running Man

Jeon So-min, who was very angry at the time but did not talk for a day because she thought it was weird, confessed, “I kept thinking about it. I thought I should do something, so I told my boyfriend that I felt bad.” However, despite Jeon So-min‘s words, her boyfriend explained that he wanted to stop by the office because he had something to get from his “female friend” and that he just wanted to drive the car.

Running Man

Jeon So-min explained the situation at the time, “I asked why he changed seat and drove, but my boyfriend didn’t understand me.” Most “Running Man” members sympathized with Jeon So-min‘s position, “I’m angry, too.” However, Joo Woo-jae and Kim Jong-kook said that it was okay to drive.

Jeon So-min expressed anger, “(This case) remains unfair even after 10 years.”


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