Kissed on the first day of meeting, Han Hyo-joo and Kang Dong-won look so good together

These actors had to go into a kiss scene right after meeting each other for the first time on “Golden Slumber”.

In the movie “Golden Slumber“, Han Hyo-joo appeared as Kang Dong-won‘s first love in college and showed off her unique teamwork with him. The couple then showed a short kiss scene from their college years.

Golden Slumber

There’s actually a behind-the-scenes story about this kiss scene. According to Han Hyo-joo‘s mention in an interview, the amount of her screen time in the movie was not long, so she only filmed for a total of three days. The official filming took place for two days and additional filming took place for one more day.

For this reason, Han Hyo-joo has had to take an affectionate scene as soon as she first met Kang Dong-won, and had to kiss him right away. It was an awkward atmosphere, but of course, as both were professionals, they finished the scene easily.

Han Hyo-joo Kang Dong-won

Golden Slumber” is a 2018 South Korean action thriller film directed by Noh Dong-seok, starring Kang Dong-won, Kim Eui-sung, Kim Sung-kyun, Kim Dae-myung, Han Hyo-joo and Yoon Kye-sang. The story is based on the 2007 Japanese novel of the same name written by Kotaro Isaka.


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