Block B U-Kwon breaks up with Jeon Sun-hye after 10 years of dating

Block B’s U-Kwon and model Jeon Sun-hye broke up after 10 years of dating.

Jeon Sun-hye announced on her SNS on Oct 1st that she had broken up with U-Kwon, saying, “I’m carefully bringing up this story after a lot of considering because I think a lot of people are worried,” adding, “We are currently comfortable as friends, not lovers.”

She added, “Thank you for always supporting and following my footsteps.”


The two, who are 4 years apart, began their public relationship in 2012. At the time, U-Kwon posted on Block B‘s fan cafe, saying “I have a girlfriend. Whenever I am tired, exhausted, and collapsed, she is the one who always cheered for me so that I can cheer up again.”


Born in 1992, U-Kwon made his debut as a member of Block B in 2011. He was discharged from the military last year after finishing his military service.


Born in 1988, Jeon Sun-hye is a model and broadcaster who won first place in the commercial category at the Korean Who’s Next Model Regular Contest.

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