Theories about New Jeans’ “Ditto” MV: “I got goosebumps, it’s so scary”

Several videos related to the interpretation of New Jeans’ “Ditto” MV are going viral online, drawing attention.

New Jeans recently released their new pre-released song “Ditto” on Dec 19th. As soon as “Ditto” was released, it immediately rose to the top of many music charts. “Ditto” is known to be a special track specially prepared for New Jeans‘ first winter with Bunnies (New Jeans’ fandom name). As such, the music video’s special contents is drawing attention.

Unlike their previous songs, the “Ditto” music video was produced in two parts (side A and B), joined by actors Park Ji Hoo and Choi Hyun Wook. In particular, Park Ji Hoo drew attention by appearing as “Ban Hee Soo,” the unidentified female student in the music video.

park ji hoo newjeans ditto

Famous YouTube channels such as Kim Il Oh and Issue Feed posted videos of their theory that “Ban Hee-soo” symbolizes New Jeans fans “Bunnies” in the “Ditto” music video. The Youtubers backed up their theory by mentioning scenes where Ban Hee Soo takes pictures of the New Jeans members with her camcorders, and cries and laughs with the girls.

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In the music video, there are not only scenes of New Jeans members and Ban Hee Soo hanging out happily together. In the middle of the music video, there are several scenes that suggest that the members of New Jeans are only imaginary characters who don’t actually exist.

In this regard, Kim Il Oh gave an in-depth interpretation that “Ban Hee Soo and the members of New Jeans are representing the relationship between fans and the artists.” Kim Il Oh said, “Those friends, who were always with her throughout her youth, are the idols she loved. Hee Soo, who keeps looking at her friends through the camera screen, is like a fan filming a fancam. Or it might symbolize the fans looking at their idols over the screen,” they explained.

newjeans ditto

“Her friends sometimes look at her strangely whenever she fangirls. Nevertheless, when it comes to her beloved idol group, she is willing to receive those judging gazes. When she goes through a hard time, it is her idols who give her strength, and to her, idols mean more than just her favorite singers. After cheering for them for a long time, a strong relationship has formed in her heart, as if they were in it together as a team.”


Regarding the scene where Hee Soo destroyed the camcorder by throwing it down from a high place in the second half of the music video and no longer used an umbrella with the New Jeans members, Kim Il Oh theorized, “In the process of becoming an adult, she starts to feel the gap between her and the idol she liked. Hee Soo looks at the deer’s eyes and thinks again about the meaning of idol in her life.” This Youtuber interpreted that the appearance of the boy, her love interest, will distance Hee Soo away from her hobby of liking an idol.

choi hyun wook newjeans ditto

“As time passes and she has become an adult, Hee Soo plays the video again. I think it can be interpreted as she thought that time was futile, but the days she loved them were never meaningless to both her and New Jeans, given that the girls still exist in the video.”

Meanwhile, “Ditto” is a song that reinterprets the genre of “Baltimore Club Dance Music” with New Jeans’ own sensibility. It was released as a pre-released song for their new single “OMG,” which will be released on Jan 2nd.

Below are two versions of the music video for New Jeans’ “Ditto.”

Source: Wikitree

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