The relationship between the two actors of “Reborn Rich”, who are playing father and daughter, in their next drama 

Kim Shin Rok and Lee Sung Min are participating in a series of dramas together.  

Currently, Lee Sung Min and Kim Shin Rok are starring in JTBC’s popular drama “Reborn Rich” as father and daughter. Based on a web novel, “Reborn Rich” became a hot topic even before its premiere as it is led by Song Joong Ki

reborn rich

Kim Shin Rok plays Jin Hwa Yeong, the only daughter of Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min), the head of the conglomerate Sunyang Group, and the CEO of Sunyang Department Store. From the first episodes, she captured the attention by showing the confidence of a chaebol daughter, her bright charm as she grew up as the only daughter, and her affectionate appearance with her husband.

The next episodes revealed her opposite side as she confronts her father, Jin Yang Chul, for her husband’s entry into politics. Jin Hwa Yeong (Kim Shin Rok) has a goal of advancing her husband’s career in politics.

reborn rich

The reason Kim Shin Rok is getting attention in this drama is that she is showing perfect acting that enhances viewers’ immersion while boasting her various charms.

Lee Sung Min is showing off his strong presence next to Song Joong Ki as a duo of trustworthy actors. He draws praise for his excellent performance of Jin Yang Chul, the villain and the target of Song Joong Ki’s revenge.

reborn rich

While Song Joong Ki is reincarnated as Lee Sung Min’s grandson and plots a revenge, viewers are paying attention to how Lee Sung Min will fall into this trap.

The father and daughter in “Reborn Rich”, Lee Sung Min and Kim Shin Rok, are also scheduled to appear together in the upcoming Disney Plus drama “Detective Record Season 2”.


“Detective Record” is a mystery investigation drama in which a detective, who became a murder suspect of killing a colleague, chases his past to catch an unidentified blackmailer. Season 1 was released on November 16 with 8 episodes.

In season 1, Lee Sung Min plays Kim Taek Rok, a veteran detective who was framed as a murderer. He leads the drama brilliantly by showing a tense performance in which he presses the real culprit with his intuition as a detective despite a sudden false accusation.

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Kim Shin Rok will join season 2, which will air in 2023. She will play a young newly appointed team leader. Her character has excellent investigative skills with a clear and sharp style.

This time, Lee Sung Min and Kim Shin Rok will appear as co-workers, not father and daughter, so attention is paid to what kind of chemistry they will show. 

Source: Daum

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