BTS Jimin tops “2022 Best K-pop Male Vocalists”, named the “Vocal King” among K-pop representatives

BTS Jimin was selected as the top male vocalist of K-pop in 2022.

Jimin received 152,260 votes in the “2022 Best K-Pop Male Vocalist” poll held from August 1st to August 31st on the global fan voting site Shining Awards, ranking first with 50.37% of the votes.

bts jimin

Jimin was also ranked first in other voting polls such as “Genius stars who show off their explosive singing ability though high notes” and “Korea’s best K-pop vocal king?”, receiving full support from fans around the world as a vocalist representing K-pop.

In particular, Jimin is the one who created the new terms “Intro Master” and “Killing Part Maker” by capturing the ears of listeners at once with his unique tone. His voice has both medium and low to a wide range of high octaves, which are as good as female vocalists.

bts jimin

With Jimin’s outstanding vocals, Japanese music media Real Sound praised it as “a song from heaven,” and “From light and transparent high notes to an air-mixed husky voice that makes your heart pound, a powerful voice that changes freely to whatever song he is singing.”

Spanish media Flooxer Now ranked Jimin as the best male vocalist in K-pop, praising him as the main dancer and lead vocalist who led the group’s global popularity, saying, “Not only his charisma and impeccable choreography, but also his vocals have helped BTS shine around the world.”


Jimin is showing his global reputation as a key member who leads BTS’s songs and a representative male vocalist of K-pop.

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