The reason why FreeZia, who lives in a luxury apartment, used fake goods

Why did Song Ji-ah (FreeZia), who lives in a super expensive apartment, wear “fake clothes”?

As the trending hot girl was embroiled in a controversy over using fake luxury goods, dark clouds may cover her future moves.

On Jan 17th, Song Ji-ah posted a handwritten apology for the fake branded clothes controversy on her Instagram. She said, “I would like to confess honestly about the controversial article on my fake luxury goods. The controversy over fake goods is partly true. I’m so sorry. I apologize once again for all the situations that have occurred due to the infringement of designers’ creations and ignorance of copyrights. As a person who dreams of launching my own brand, I will seriously recognize and reflect on controversial points.” She added, “I will study more carefully to prevent this from happening in the future. All contents with fake products were deleted. I apologize to the brands that suffered damage from me.”

FreeZia used fake goods

Song Ji-ah lives in T Apartment in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. It is known that the penthouse is worth 12 billion won, and the place where Song Ji-a lives also costs 2 billion won. Of course, it may not be her own, but she has a level of wealth that an ordinary person could not even dream of at a young age of only 24. In addition, even before appearing in “Single’s Inferno“, she constantly received requests for sponsorship as a powerful influencer.

Industry insiders pointed out, “As Song Ji-ah’s popularity grew, her pressure to keep showing new contents must have increased. In the case of super luxury products such as Chanel, sponsorship is complicated and it’s difficult to purchase with her own money every time.”

FreeZia used fake goods

Song Ji-ah expressed her “deep reflection”, but the aftermath seems to be formidable. Particularly, this is because Song Ji-ah’s “luxury” image and her charm of being honest have collapsed.

On top of that, broadcasts of JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers” and MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere” featuring Song Ji-ah are also likely to become difficult. In particular, as MBC is one of the three largest national television networks, it is not easy for celebrities who caused controversies to appear.

FreeZia used fake goods

Currently, both broadcasting stations are reportedly struggling to come up with a countermeasure. Meanwhile, Song Ji-ah has recently been embroiled in a controversy over fake luxury goods after netizens closely compared the actual product photos with the clothes worn by her. In the process, suspicions were raised that the necklaces, T-shirts and dresses worn by Song Ji-ah were not real luxury goods. Song Ji-ah revealed her dream of launching a brand in the past, so the controversy over using fake clothes has spread even more.


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