Yuju (GFRIEND) is in discussion to sign an exclusive contract with Kang Daniel’s company, KONNECT Entertainment

Yuju, a former member of GFRIEND, is expected to start her new journey with KONNECT Entertainment.

According to Celeb Media on August 11, Yuju is currently discussing with KONNECT Entertainment for an exclusive contract. There is a high possibility that she would sign with the company.

KONNECT Entertainment was founded by Kang Daniel, a former member of Wanna One. Recently, CL and singer-songwriter-producer Chancellor have joined the company.

Yuju debuted with GFRIEND in January 2015. GFRIEND’s songs such as ‘Glass Bead’, ‘Rough’, ‘Me gustas tu’,Time For The Moon Night’, ‘NAVILLERA’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘Apple’, and ‘MAGO’, were loved so much by music fans in Korea and worldwide.

On May 22, GFRIEND disbanded as the group did not resign with Source Music Entertainment, and the members started to decide on their own journey.

Since then, Yuju has started her solo career with the OST ‘Comfort’ for MBN’s drama “Bossam”. She also made a duet song, “So Silly”, with rapper San E.


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