The level of the luxury bag “The Glory” Choi Hye Jung received from Ha Do Young in return for Park Yeon Jin’s school violence stories

The price of the Hermes bag that Ha Do Young gave to Choi Hye Jung in Netflix’s “The Glory” is arousing keen interest from viewers.

On March 18th, an article titled “Price of the bag Choi Hye Jung received from Ha Do Young” was posted on an online community.

The article features screenshots focusing on the bag that Ha Do Young (Jung Sung Il) gave to Choi Hye Jung (Cha Joo Young) as a gift in Netflix’s “The Glory” Part 1 in order to ask for information about the past of his wife Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon).

Choi Hye Jung received from Ha Do Young in return for Park Yeon Jin

This gift is a Hermes bag, considered to be one of the most luxurious items. Netizens were surprised to learn that the price of this bag can reach up to a whopping 28 million won.

The product in “The Glory” is the ‘Kelly Pochette’ released by Hermes, which is rarely available for sale because despite its expensive price.

jung sung il

Although its price is up to the seller, this Hermes product is more expensive than bags from other luxury brands because it is sold as a “Quater-J”.  

“Quater-J” is a marketing term used by the luxury brand Hermes to refer to their limited edition products. It refers to the method devised by Hermes to prevent the brand value from decreasing due to reckless purchases by resellers.

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According to this sales method, a customer can only purchase 2 Quater-J bags per year, while they can buy up to 6 Artisanal bags. The ‘Kelly’ line, which is popular among customers, is typically considered to be part of the Quater-J category, while others are referred to as Artisanal, which are non-limited edition products.

The product featured in “The Glory” is part of the ‘Kelly’ line that belongs to the Quater-J category. Due to its limited availability, even wealthy people who can afford it cannot buy it easily.

Amazed at the price of the bag, netizens commented, “If I were Hye Jung, I would answer every question he asked about Yeon Jin’s past”, “Yeon Jin must have been shaken by this fact”, “What kind of bag that can cost as much as a car?”, etc.

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