‘The Batman’ selected as the best superhero movie of 2022

Insider considers ‘The Batman’ to be the unmistakable film in the superhero genre this year.

As 2022 comes to an end, a series of year-end rankings have been announced to assess the situation of the entertainment industry this year. Specifically, Insider has made a ranking list of all superhero movies of the year. Accordingly, Warner Bros and DC’s ‘The Batman’ is the best superhero movie of the year.

According to Insider, ‘The Batman’ is a “love letter to fans who have read the comics, watched the animated series, and played the video games”. Director Matt Reeves completely satisfied audiences that he delivered a gorgeous detective thriller reminiscent of “Se7en” and “Zodiac” that finally made “the world’s greatest detective”. Batman of the new film has a completely different role, no longer just a superhero billionaire.

the batman
‘The Batman’ received many praises from experts and mass audiences. (Image: Warner Bros.)

Another bonus of the movie is Robert Pattinson’s flawless performance as Batman. Fans and even the most discriminating audience members had to recognize the actor’s brilliant acting abilities when playing this iconic role as soon as the movie was released.

In second place is a Marvel movie, ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’. It is “a gripping exploration of grief, loss, and motherhood dedicated to Chadwick Boseman”. Insider believes that part 2 of Black Panther is also a superhero movie not to be missed this year.

Black Panther

3rd place goes to the animated movie ‘DC League of Super-Pets’. Meanwhile, 4th and 5th places belong to ‘Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness’ and ‘Black Adam’ respectively.

Thor: Love and Thunder ranked 6th and received critical reviews from Insider. Accordingly, the site said that the film is filled with “cheap thrills that are only successful when used for the first time”. The movie is undeniably epic and Thor is a “cool” rioter, but “every other character seems to suffer at their expense”, they’re sidelined or are utilized for cheap laughs.

thor - love and thunder
“Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Morbius” are considered the two worst superhero movies of 2022. (Image: Sony)

The Sony movie Morbius was the one that drew the most criticism. In actuality, the audience should not be surprised by this result because the movie has faced harsh criticism from both reviewers and viewers ever since it first came out. Morbius was even rated as a “waste of time” movie with disjointed character connections and confusing ending. Sony and the director of Morbius appear to know they had a flop on their hands. That’s why they started spoiling the movie on Twitter before its release as a last-ditch effort to get fans out to theaters. Unfortunately, Morbius’ poor content did not help it generate significant revenue.

Source: insider

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