NBC stated, “Netflix is also surprised with Squid Game’s popularity and many U.S companies are recruiting Korean”

Netflix’s original Korean series “Squid Game” is gaining global popularity, and this has aroused the public’s interest in Korean dramas, following K-POP and Korean movies.

On October 4th (local time) NBC reported that along with the increase in popularity of KPOP groups (such as BTS and BLACKPINK) and “Parasite”, the movie that stood out in Hollywood and was awarded the Best Picture at the Academy Awards last year, a Korean drama called “Squid Game” is creating a syndrome worldwide.

According to FlixPartol, a global online video service (OTT) ranking website, “Squid Game” has ranked No.1 in the TV show category for 12 days. Julia Alexander, the chief analyst at the global data analysis company Parrot Analytics, said in an interview with NBC, “Squid Game was a big success. Netflix would not have thought this drama would become a global hit like this.”

She also predicted, “There is currently a huge demand for Korean talents, including singers, actors, filmmakers, and athletes, so a lot of companies in the U.S are trying to find ways to attract them. Korean talents are not only high in demand but also not costly. Therefore, Netflix will be able to create more content like ‘Squid Game’ in the future.”

NBC found out that one of the factors that made ‘Squid Game” a big hit was word-of-mouth. The drama did not have any special advertisements in the U.S. Instead, it has made headlines on social media sites (SNS) for its completely unique characteristics that are not based on existing ideas or concepts.

In particular, TikTok’s hashtag “#SquidGame” has currently gained more than 25.9 billion views. Moreover, a lot of netizens around the world made and shared various memes (meme: viral photos and video on the Internet), proving that the drama has gained popularity through word-of-mouth.

Linguistic accessibility was also cited as the secret to the success of “Squid Game” in the box office. This drama was filmed in Korean but was subtitled in 37 languages. In addition, NBC reported that Netflix had provided dubbing in 34 languages so that viewers who do not want to read subtitles can enjoy the film with no burden.

Released on the 17th of last month, the Korean drama “Squid Game” tells about 456 people, who are at the bottom of their lives, participating in a survival game in order to win the prize of 45.6 billion won.

Source: daeum

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