NewJeans achieved astounding achievements with their debut: reigning in both physicals and digital sales?

Rookie Kpop girl group NewJeans is taking Korea and the rest of the world by storm

Kpop girl group NewJeans recently debuted under ADOR, a company founded by famous creator Min Hee Jin and a subsidiary of BTS’ agency HYBE Labels. The group, which received extensive investments, have lived up to expectations with achievements so astounding they surpassed several senior groups. 

In particular, NewJeans recorded one of the best digital performances for their music. Their first released track, “Attention”, almost managed to secure a perfect all-kill on Korean music platforms. Despite having attained a real-time all-kill already,  “Attention” still comes in 2nd on YouTube music, blocked by the legendary Kpop girl group SNSD (Girls Generation).

If NewJeans’ digital achievements are already among the top of gen 4 idols, then their physical sales are no less impressive. In particular, the first day pre-order number of NewJeans was around 81,000 copies, only losing to BLACKPINK with 84,000 copies. 

In addition, NewJeans’ first week sales were among the top out of various other Kpop girl groups. On Hanteo, their first week sales were recorded at over 308,000 copies – a number comparable with leading Kpop artists, despite NewJeans being rookies with no prior fans. 

Music achievement aside, NewJeans members are also promising faces in the realm of fashion, as they were invited to a Chanel event just 1 day after debut. The group is also scheduled to appear on the September 2022 issue of the famous fashion magazine Elle Korea. 

NewJeans also went viral for their visuals and stage presence, and netizens can’t help but praise the group for their shining charisma despite the lack of experience. 

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