BIGBANG to make their first comeback after 4 years on April 5

Finally they are back!

After a lot of information on the sidelines about BIGBANG‘s comeback, finally, at exactly 0:00 on March 21 (KST), YG officially released the comeback teaser of this boy group.  The teaser simply doesn’t reveal any of the members’ faces, but only a black polaroid that reveals the date and time of the group’s comeback.

The first poster for BIGBANG’s comeback is pretty simple

Accordingly, BIGBANG will officially return after 4 years with a product launched at 0:00 am on April 5.  This is a fairly new time frame compared to other Kpop products.  Usually, groups will release MVs at 11 a.m. (to reach the international market) or at 4 p.m. (the “traditional” time frame in Korea).

After the latest product was released in March 2018, fans have been waiting for the comeback of YG‘s “legendary” group for 4 years.  Therefore, the news of BIGBANG‘s comeback made many fans surprised and excited.

BIGBANG comeback 2022
Flower Road – BIGBANG’s latest product was also released 4 years ago

Earlier on February 7, YG announced that T.O.P‘s contract with the company had ended, he wanted to try his hand at a new path as an artist and businessman.  However, T.O.P is still ready for future activities with BIGBANG.  Currently, BIGBANG‘s MV has been done. 

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