BTS Suga’s surprise confession on “The Tonight Show”, a deliveryman prior to fame 

On May 1st (local time), Suga appeared as a solo guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (hereinafter referred to as “Jimmy Fallon Show”). It has been about 1 year and 9 months since his last appearance on the show, as a member of BTS, in July 2021.

When Jimmy Fallon asked Suga, “Before you were known as Suga, I read this somewhere —

tell me if this is true, you were a food delivery guy?” To this, Suga nodded and replied amusingly that he was very good. 

Hearing this, Jimmy Fallon was flustered and asked, “You were very good? Why?”, adding, “What made you good”, to which Suga laughed and responded that he was a good driver. 

Then, as Jimmy Fallon replied, “Yeah, but now you’re who you are. Congratulations”, Suga folded his hands and clapped along with the audience.

Also, on the broadcast that day, Suga revealed for the first time the performance of the title track “Haegeum” from his solo album “D-DAY”, which was released under his pseudonym Agust D.

Suga, who started his new album activities, successfully completed concerts in Belmont Park, New York on April 26-27th, as well as Newark, New Jersey on April 29th.

He will continue his tour in Rosemont on May 3rd and 5-6th, Los Angeles on May 10-11th and 14th, and Oakland on May 16-17th.

Source: Insight

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