Once shone brighter than Song Hye Kyo, this actress’ career had a free-fall

While Song Hye Kyo was playing supporting roles, this actress was standing in the spotlight, only to fall miserably. 

In the 1990s, when Song Hye Kyo was just a newcomer playing supporting roles, Lee Seung Yeon was already a shining star. After starring in the 1996 drama “First Love”, Lee Seung Yeon became a phenomenon on the screen, becoming the ideal type for every young man at that time. 

Noticeably, Song Hye Kyo also appeared in the hit series, albeit playing a supporting role with barely any screen time. In “First Love”, Lee Seung Yeon assumed the role of Hyo Kyung, a strong, rich, and assertive young lady who pursued love, despite the gap between rich and poor. Her beautiful braided hairstyle, delicate face, and radiant smile made her the beauty symbol of the Korean screen at that time. Although she was a novice actress, Lee Seung Yeon performed excellently, with a subtle and emotional acting style that gained the trust and love of the audience.

first love Lee Seung Yeon
first love Lee Seung Yeon
The beauty of “First Love”, who once took the Korean small screen by storm
Song Hye Kyo
In 1996, Song Hye Kyo made her first appearance on the screen, also in the TV series “First Love”. At that time, she played a very small role, of a student tutored by the main character Hyo Kyung.

While 1996 was a golden time in her career, by 1998, Lee Seung Yeon began to face great challenges. At that time, she was caught using a fake driver’s license, resulting in a year of probation and 80 hours of community service. As a youth icon with a significant influence on the younger generation, Lee Seung Yeon was heavily criticized, and the actress was even removed from “Heart of Lies”, which was currently in production. Another project of hers, “Trap of Youth”, also found another actress as replacement, and later films and dramas that Lee Seung Yeon starred in also became unwelcome. 

Lee Seung Yeon in “The Secret House”
Lee Seung Yeon in “The Secret House”

In 2004, while struggling to rebuild her career, Lee Seung Yeon became involved in a shocking scandal. She released a photo book reenacting the dark period of Korean history, intending to use the proceeds to support Korean women who had been abused by Japanese soldiers. Although it had a humanitarian purpose, Lee Seung Yeon’s presentation was offensive. She was accused of evoking the pain that the victims had tried to bury for years. The situation became so tense that Lee Seung Yeon had to kneel in front of the victims’ home and destroy the photo book in front of them to ask for forgiveness. In addition, the director of her management company had to shave his head to atone for the mistake, and Lee Seung Yeon eventually announced the termination of all artistic activities to avoid being sued.

Although she announced her retirement, Lee Seung Yeon could still be spotted in several acting projects, only to have this small hope dashed again. Particularly, in 2013, the actress was accused of using the banned substance Propofol over a long period. After several court sessions, Lee Seung Yeon was sentenced to 8 months in prison and fined 5.5 million won.

lee seung yeon

After being released from prison, Lee Seung Yeon stubbornly continued her career. Last year, she even played a leading role in the drama “The Secret House”. The long-running TV series was loved by Korean audiences, but Lee Seung Yeon’s role did not receive much attention.

Now 55 years old, Lee Seung Yeon’s past scandals are most buried, but her glory has also vanished. Nevertheless, her positive attitude helps the actress retain some fans. Now, she often shows off her daily life on SNS, with photos of her looking youthful in bareface, despite her age. 

Lee Seung Yeon’s youthful daily life at age 55
Lee Seung Yeon’s youthful daily life at age 55

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