Captivating Journey of a Former Lovelyz Member Turned Soloist and Variety Star

Loved for her cheerful image on variety shows, Mijoo has recently impressed with her alluring visuals and solo debut.

Mijoo, a former member of Lovelyz, has emerged as a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry. With her bright energy, alluring visuals, and impeccable body ratio, Mijoo has garnered praise and admiration from fans. 


Mijoo’s recent photos have ignited a frenzy online, as netizens are mesmerized by her beauty and charm. Standing at a height of 1.65m, Mijoo boasts a perfectly balanced body ratio, slim waist, and long legs that make her stand out.

In fact, her striking appearance often leads fans to believe she is even taller than she actually is. However, it is not just Mijoo’s physical attributes that have captivated fans. Her self-confidence and positive energy have also played a significant role in her rise to fame.


Mijoo embarked on her musical journey in 2014 as a member of Lovelyz, under Woollim Entertainment. However, after seven years of activities, Lovelyz disbanded as the members, except for Baby Soul, chose to pursue individual careers. Mijoo joined Antenna and began her solo gigs, determined to showcase more of herself. 

Mijoo’s talent extends beyond being an idol, as she has made an impact on various variety shows. Within a short span of time, she has become one of the most sought-after names in the variety world. 


With her humorous and lively personality, Mijoo has secured prominent roles in popular programs such as “Hangout With Yoo” and “Sixth Sense.” Mijoo’s natural wit is her biggest charm. 

Mijoo is set to join the lineup of the highly anticipated show “Witch Hunt 2023.” Known for its fresh and bold approach to discussing modern love stories and taboo topics, the program promises to provide a platform for Mijoo to showcase her unique color. 


With her natural comedic timing and irresistible charisma, Mijoo is expected to bring a breath of fresh air to the show and captivate audiences once again.

Despite actively participating in variety shows, Mijoo has been on a hiatus from releasing music for some time. However, her recent track, “Ringing,” which served as the OST for the drama “Cheer Up,” unexpectedly garnered fervent support. 


Recently, Mijoo also officially debuted as a solo artist. Her debut single, “Movie Star” reflects her longing to stand confidently on stage and create a unique identity for herself.

With a house disco style, “Movie Star” expresses Mijoo’s doubts and uncertainties about herself. Not receiving much attention as a singer has always made her wonder, “Will I ever be able to stand on stage someday?

I want to create a difference between Lee Mijoo on TV and MIJOO on stage. If Lee Mijoo brings laughter and happiness through the small screen, MIJOO on stage will be the one who achieves dreams and overcomes challenges. If the entertainer Lee Mijoo is friendly and humorous, then MIJOO on stage exudes allure and confidence. That’s why I want to have two stage names,” Mijoo shared.

Source: zing

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