Han So Hee and Go Yoon Jung Shine as Leading Actresses in Their 20s

Among actresses in their 20s, Han So Hee and Go Yoon Jung are making waves with their beauty, talents, charm, and versatility

Among insiders in Korea’s entertainment industry, there is unanimous agreement that Han So Hee is the leading figure among actresses in their 20s. She is not just an actress but also considered an icon of Generation Z.

han so hee

Born in 1994, Han So Hee made her acting debut in 2017 through SBS’s drama special ‘Reunited Worlds.’ Shortly thereafter, she starred in MBC’s hit drama ‘Money Flower,’ which achieved a remarkable 23.9% viewership rating. 

Following that, Han So Hee received much love for her role as Crown Princess Soo Jeo in tvN’s ‘100 Days My Prince.’ She particularly shot to fame by portraying the role of the mistress Da Kyung in JTBC’s hit drama ‘The World of the Married.’

han so hee

Subsequently, Han So Hee expanded her horizons, showcasing her versatile talents in various global OTT dramas like Netflix’s ‘My Name,’ Disney Plus’s ‘Soundtrack #1,’ and Netflix’s ‘Gyeongseong Creature.’ Her popularity in the advertising industry continues to soar as well.

What sets Han So Hee apart is her distinctive identity, which differentiates her significantly from other actresses in their 20s. 

Han So Hee effortlessly seizes real-time ranking news with just one tattoo and goes viral among netizens with a single photoshoot. Her piercings are also boldly displayed. Her chic visual is another reason why she firmly holds her place as a favorite among fans. The term ‘one and only’ suits her better than anyone else.

Continuing the lineage of beautiful young actresses in their 20s is Go Yoon Jung, born in 1996.

Go Yoonjung

She gained the public’s attention from the start of her career as a model on the cover of ‘University Tomorrow’ magazine. With her debut, she immediately became the center of public interest thanks to her outstanding visuals. 

In 2020, her appearance alongside Park Bo Gum in Lee Seung Chul’s music video further fueled the public’s curiosity about Go Yoon Jung. She then solidified her acting career by excelling in various genres, including Netflix’s ‘School Nurse Ahn Eun Young,’ ‘Sweet Home,’ JTBC’s ‘Law School,’ and the movie ‘Hunt.’

However, it was through tvN’s ‘Alchemy of Souls 2’ that she received praise for nailing the historical fusion genre, even though it was her first leading role. She continued to rise with Disney+’s original series ‘Moving.’

goo yoon jung

The answer to the question, ‘Why is Go Yoon Jung so popular?’ has been proven through ‘Moving.’ In this series, she plays Jang Hee Soo, a high school student with the ability to heal herself. Through this role, Go Yoon Jung showcased her visuals, acting prowess, and star power, securing her place at the forefront among actresses in their 20s.

Go Yoon Jung is known for her sophisticated image. However, ‘Moving’ allows her to display a youthful and pure charm like that of a high school girl. Moreover, she seamlessly nailed action scenes and even a girl crush image, taking her existing charm to the next level. Her deep and unique voice is also considered one of Go Yoon Jung’s greatest strengths.

Having solidified her acting spectrum through ‘Moving,’ Go Yoon Jung is set to appear in TVING’s original drama ‘Death’s Game.’ There are also rumors of her participation in a new drama with Shin Won Ho as the creator.

Source: Daum

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