YG Entertainment recruits trainees from 1 to 101 years old: Only two criteria to be met but can be extremely difficult to achieve 

Debuting in YG is no easy task when a trainee has to go through a demanding training process. 

YG Entertainment shocked the audience when it announced the recruitment of trainees from 1 to 101 years old globally to emphasize that anyone, anywhere could apply at any time. While this may seem to be a chance for everyone to pursue their idol dreams, the public remains skeptical of YG’s genuineness and attitude in recruiting next-generation idols. 

YG Entertainment shocked the public when they announced recruiting trainees from 1 to 101 years old. (Image: Pinterest)

However, although the criteria to become a trainee at YG Entertainment appear to be easy, the reality may not be so simple. Sol Lee – a vocal coach who participated in many auditions of the company revealed that the board of judges were very strict in choosing their trainees. She said, “Audition tip…be good or be pretty enough. If you’re like breathtakingly stunning, you don’t need [to do] anything.” Nonetheless, talent will always be prioritized. 

Talent criteria took priority over beauty. (Image: YG Entertainment)
blackpink jisoo
Contestants have to “breathtakingly beautiful” to get a pass without having to do anything. (Image: GQ) 

Sol Lee said that at the time of the audition, Jennie (BLACKPINK) made the judges see all her talents and development capabilities. Despite being a 14 years old at the time, she won her place with stable voice ability and unique charm.

Blackpink Jennie predebut
Sol Lee revealed that Jennie was accepted into YG Entertainment by talent. (Image: Pinterest)

Once admitted to YG Entertainment, the trainees have to go through a rigorous training process and is at risk of being eleminated at any time if they do not prove capable enough. However, the company doesn’t mistreat their trainees either.

Mr. Kang Yoon Jung, a member of the casting and talent development team at YG Entertainment said, “Because the trainees typically live in our dorms and spend most of their time here, if you include all the minor incidental expenses, we spend at least 100 million won [approximately $89,164] on each trainee per year.”

Miyeon ((G)-IDLE) was once dropped from BLACKPINK’s lineup at the last minute, partly showing how strict YG could be to cultivate the right talent. Mino (WINNER) also commented, “From the outside, YG looks like the company of your dreams with a tight system that has everything you possibly need. You may think there is no other heaven, but once you come in as a trainee and start practicing, it’s essentially like living in the wild. The company supports everything you may need, but it ends at that. Whether a trainee survives or not depends solely on the trainee himself or herself.” 

Miyeon was dropped from the BLACKPINK lineup at the last minute. (Image: Pinterest)
song mino thumbnail
Mino used to see training as a world apart from everyday life. (Image: SBS)
The upcoming BABY MONSTER lineup also trained for a long time. (Image: YG Entertainment)

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